Nottingham excavationsWith the many drain problem solutions available with Blocked Drain Services , the option of how to proceed lies with you.

All excavation work, heating maintenance, plumbing repairs, modifications and replacements, bathroom refurbishments and installations, are performed at times that suit you, and should the problem you are currently presented with be of catastrophic nature, we are ready to rush to your aid.

We are the specialists you need to keep your residence and workplace in full flow. Our highly trained and equipped workers can often be with you within the hour if you are within the city limits to do the excavations, clear your clogged drain, to repair your burst pipe, or see to your worrying flooding issue.

Drain relining

Each drain relining situation and case is treated with priority, and of course your convenience, as we resolve your emergency issue, is important to us. Not only drain relining done but also the cover of your day to day needs is resolved with the number of ours saved in your phone or address book.

High quality is what we have built our well reputed practice on, and understanding drain relining and people is how we find the right solution for each individual situation. So don’t hesitate to try us out, and find out for yourself the high standards that we provide and the flexible approach we adapt to ensure you get nothing but the best.

There are many benefits of choosing to reline the pipes instead of fully replacing the. First of all it is cheaper, the second benefit is that it doesn’t cause as much distraction, so no inconvenience caused. Also when the pipes are relined they seem to be more resistant to tree root invasions and leaks. Also remember that if the pipe is old it doesn’t mean that it is useless and worthless. By relining pipes you give them back the strength they used to have.