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What is drain jetting?

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Suitable for a variety of pipe sizesThe process of drain jetting is very simple. The water is stored in tanks and run through a high pressure hose with a jetting nozzle. There are many advantages to using drain jetting to clear your drains. It is compatible with most types of drains and blockages, and you’ll find that it’s often the number one method used by drain technicians. It can be used for blockages caused by waste, grease, and fat, and it can even remove a tree root.

The high pressure of the water means that the force is much stronger and can break down even the toughest of blockages.

A drain jetting hose can be used to reach far away drains, extending further down the pipes and negotiating bends, whereas drain rods are unable to do so. There are many different types and sizes of drain jets, so there is always something suited to your needs. Most residential blockages require drain jets that are connected to the back of a truck for easy access, while still allowing for high water pressure and volume.

There are many different causes for a blocked drain, including a buildup of food and greasy substances, as well as foreign objects like nappies and sanitary items. Properly disposing of these items will avoid the risk of blockages, but if you suspect that you do have a blocked pipe then drain jetting is the perfect solution – call out blocked drain Nottingham team to arrange this service.